Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Swingers Club

Earlier, the "Cheaters" crew caught up with Apache, obviously having a little fling with Silver's brother, Neo. With all the sneaky cuddling going on, it was only a matter of time before they booked themsevles a room at the "Motel No-Tell".
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When confronted with the shocking evidence of Patchie's infidelity, Silver didn't seem suprised. In fact, he has taken Patchie's moves towards an "open relationship" in stride. During an interview, Silver admitted he still has feelings for Apache. "I always will" he said candidly, "Just look at her. Besides, she mothered my clutch, y'know." Silver cracked a seed thoughtfully in his beak before adding, "But, there are other hens in the house if you know what I mean." His crest rose mischeviously and his eyes twinkled but when pressed to elaborate, he wouldn't comment further.

A few nights later, however, the crew of Cheaters got all the of the elaboration they needed when they caught up with Silver having a night out on the town. The "other hen in the house" comment hit very close to home, so it would seem. Silver was in the company of newcomer to the flock, Trinny who is indeed, a hen in the house. Trinny, seemingly camera shy as our photgrapher snapped their picture, tried to dodge but it was too late. Silver, also reluctant to be seen, tried to hide his face, only allowing his back to be photographed, but his lack of cooperation only makes him seem more guilty. When approached by the Cheaters crew and interviewed, Trinny seemed even more reluctant to be in the spotlight. "I was just standing here, when Silver flew over out of nowhere. We were just hanging out. Honestly! There's nothing going on." Was Trinny's response when asked if she knew that Silver was involved with another hen.
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At the moment, Apache is still unaware of Silver's attentions towards another hen. How long it will remain that way is unknown. While Silver was out galavanting about, we spied Apache, cruising around with Teika, one of the other new hens in the house, (Oddly enough, Trinny's best friend). Hmmm.. bet Trinny will have LOTS to tell Teika later on!
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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass...

So its been a while since my last post to Tiel time. Not that we haven't been busy! Trust me! Just the opposite! It's been VERY busy.

Teika and Trinny have now moved out of their "twosome" cage and into the big cage. I slid the divider grate out and now its a cage for six. I expected fireworks or something, but its been a smooth transition. About the only fireworks are the ones Neo has been sparking for Apache. (rolling eyes here). The little Romeo is singing nightly for his little hen. Silver, oddly enough doesn't seem to mind much.

I've noticed a sort of dynamics about the cage. Neo and Apache pretty much stick to the left side of the cage, and don't venture often into the right hand side. Teika and Trinny pretty much stick to the right hand side of the cage. Occasionally Teika will straddle the middle or hang out on the left hand side, but not often. I hardley EVER see Trinny over there. Taxi and Silver more frequently hang out to the left hand side, on Neo and Patchie's preferred side, but Taxi doesn't seem to mind being on either side and will go to... well.. which ever side I'M CLOSEST too (the lil Mamma's girl that she is.. LOL). So I guess you can say she's a drifter. Silver isn't shy about going over to the right either, though it does seem he prefers the left. Probably because its Apache's preferred side. I think there's a part of Silver that still likes to keep a watchful eye on what his brother is up too with Apache though it doesn't seem that they are an actual "couple" any longer. I never see Silver and Patchie preen each other. In fact.. I see Patchie and Neo hanging together more than I do Silver and Patchie. Neo has sort have seen to that. Though Teika and Trinny are still tighter than ever... I have a sneaking hunch that Silver may have a sly interest in Trinny. He was singing on THAT side of the cage the other day, and he has driven Teika off a perch to sit next to Trinny more than once. Hmmm... interesting.

And... it also seems that Taxi and Trinny are getting along well. (The lil piggies of the cage) LOL. They often hang out at the food cups together. LOL Trinny has gotten more vocal as of late, and is starting to make cute little sounds. I wonder if she's trying to talk? Trinny is also becoming quite the beggetha when it comes to scritches. I only have two hands.. but in the morning when I open the cage, I have fuzzy feathered heads shoving themselves under my scritching fingers, and more than a few times, Trinny's little head has been right under there with Taxi, Silver and Neo's. LOL!! Its hard to keep up!

Teika remains somewhat aloof, but then she sees my shiny wedding band. Oooh! She can't resist that. SHE MUUUUST CHEW IT. All I have to do is offer it and she's at it like white-face lightning.. giving my wedding band a manicure. I've found she likes to give my fingernails manicures as well.

Teika has also developed a liking for Cameron, my son. She'll come and chatter to him at the bars of the cage, and he talks softly back to her. Here they are, hanging out together while he plays video games.
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She's also warming up to the idea of spray baths. At first, she wouldn't have anything to do with them, but a few hot days with no air conditioner (we have it now thank HEAVENS) changed her opinion mighty quick!

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and.. lastly... hehe.. I have evidence to support that Neo and Silver's looserly influence is rubbing off on the the "Oh So Queenly" Teika. Yes my dear.. I'm afraid you're on your way to becoming a looser like the boys. Would you have EVER been caught with fluff in your beak before?
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Really Darling. You DO look rather looserly!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Up On The Roof Top and Beyond The Green Door

Yesterday, Tieka and Trinny (formerly Beaker) stepped out and met the "Flockers". After some hesitation, the girls allowed me to place them on the big play gym with the other birdies. Things didn't go quite as I expected in some ways, and yet, exactly the way I anticipated in others. I suppose, I really know my birds. I thought perhaps Apache would be a little more forward, wanting to get to know other hens, but she scarcely paid the girls any mind. Taxi isn't really aggressive at all and prefers to play with toys as opposed to other birds, so Taxi pretty much kept to herself, and yet stayed somewhat close to the action. Very unobtrusively watching. I'd wager Taxi is a good little spy. Neo, I wasn't sure about. He's been so giddy, singing his heart out in their presence (from a safe distance), yet he's somewhat of a loner and a little shy. He was typical Neo, and hung out on the complete opposite side of the cage from the new girls. Silver, being Mr. Bossyfeathers, wouldn't be himself if he didn't go over and introduce himself in the pushiest of ways, and of course, he did JUST that. Silver's approach was stealthy. He sat on the highest perch and observed Tieka and Trinny for a bit, deciding which of the two was dominant between them. Once he narrowed it down (and correctly so) to Tieka, he ignored Trinny and focused his attention on Tieka. Trinny was somewhat shy at first, but it didn't take her long before curiosity overcame her. There were just too many interesting toys up there to play with. She came back often to check in with Tieka, before waddling off again, never straying far. Tieka on the other hand, stayed rooted to her spot, defending her territory and her friend from the bossy Silver. She stood her ground with pride and dignity, and proved herself a graceful and worthy opponent. Silver wasn't quite sure what to think. He was fascinated with her. Should he bite her, or perch next to her? Hmmmmm!

Silver and Tieka's first encounter:
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Silver trying desperately to convince Tieka of his Mighty Dominance:
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Meanwhile... on the other side of the cage... the crew of Cheaters caught up with Silver's mate, Apache. Silver has had some suspicions for some time that while he's out establishing his dominance and keeping the flock in its place, she's been getting a little action on the side. At his request, the crew set up hidden cameras to film her activities. Pictures speak louder than words! And.. the crew was shocked with the findings! See for yourself...

Image hosted by A mysterious male comes courting...

Image hosted by The mysterious male is identified as none other than Silver's own brother, NEO!

Image hosted by Apache makes her appearance... It appears as something may be in the works...

Image hosted by The two Love Birds are busted stealing some snuggles in the little love nest while Silver is hard at work, at.. um.. public relations. (Yah) How will he react to the news?

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Kids on the Perch

At long last, Tieka and Beaker have joined our flock! Mindy drove (should I say swam?) four hours from where she was staying close to the MI/MN border to drop the birdy girls off today. Of course, it had to be pouring buckets, making road conditions less than favorable and visibility poor. Still, she and the tiels arrived safely.
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As soon as they entered the house, all ruckus ensued. You don't really think two new cockatiels could enter unnoticed, now do you? Honestly! Neo got himself all riled up. He had his hearts on in the first five minutes and was singing to anything remotely interested. Apache, Silver and the wall were all victims of his zeal. Finally, he figured out which direction the interested chirps were coming from, so he turned his attention to them and sang his little heart out. Tieka seemed particularly piqued with Neo's crooning abilities. She hung to the side of the cage closest to Neo and listened intently. I wonder if there will be love at long last for the poor bachelor.

As for quarentining them, I know I'd get fried on Tailfeathers but I won't be placing them in a seperate room. They've been sole birds in a house for three years and have had several, very recent avian vet checkups. My birds have also been to the vet's very recently so I know there's no PFPD or Psitticosis to worry about. However, for stress sake (things like those buggery little upper respitory infections that pop up under stress, etc.) they WILL be quarentined to their own cage. I have my reasons for not banishing them to another room. Mainly its temperature control. I can air-condition the front room accordingly to keep all the birds comfortable if it gets hot (haha, yah... Minnesota), but the weather can vary so much here. It can be 45 and raining one day, and 85 and humid the next. My a/c doesn't go into Kirsten's room though, so the girls could easily overheat in there. Mindy has never been slack on their health care, and their feathering shows it. Their beautiful birds and I have no doubt they're in perfect health. If I had any doubts at all, they WOULD be in another room and I'd figure out something for a/c. But, they're not petstore birds, nor have they been in contact with other birds, so I really don't feel there's much to worry about.

After Mindy and I settled the girls into their "spot" in the living room, Mindy unpacked the girls' suitcase. WOW! A cockatiel bonanza! She brought bags of pellets, (Harrisons! I'm eager to try them all on it to see if they'll eat it), Zupreem fruity blend (my guys don't care for it but if I can get the girls to eat it, some pellet is better than no pellet), fresh cuttle bones, millet, 2 brand new boings, a triangle rope perch (a favorite perch for Tieka), a Happy Hut, (which I won't give to any of the hens for fear that they'll lay in it. Taxi however, thinks its pretty cool), a bag of the seed they've been eating, which is awesome so they can switch over slowly, a bunch of toys, and some books and misc. Its a tiel wonderland! Tieka and Beaker are gonna have it good.

Mindy and I went out to lunch at Applebee's (gotta love it!) and had a nice lunch. Too bad we got soaked going into the restaurant and coming back out! Knowing she had such a long trip ahead of her and there was a break in the downpour, she only had a few moments to say goodbye to the girls. In some ways, I think that was the best way, because lingering might have been too hard and it would have been too emotional. It was hard to watch her kiss their little hawks goodbye. If it were me.... ::Sniffle:: I can only imagine how she must have felt.
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Kirsten and I set their big cage up right away. In part to take my mind off of how miserable Mindy must be feeling. The girls were terrified of the wreath swing I hung in there, but after I removed it and replaced it with a natural branch perch from my Apple tree, they were much happier. Tieka was hanging upside down with her wings outstretched doing the "This is my nest!" spread! I love that! Beaker.. well Beaker was pigging out on the millet! Heheh! Beaker, I've found. .. is like Taxi and LOVES to come out of the cage. If that door is open.. Beaker is OUT like a shot. She's really good about stepping up onto my finger so far, but Mindy said she's usually more reluctant about that, so we'll see. Maybe its because she's in an unfamiliar place that she's being such a good girl about "stepping up". She let me scritch her head too. Tieka is a little more reserved but also stepped up for me and came out of the cage for a bit. She let me kiss her on the beaky when I put her back in and said goodnight. All in all, I think the girls and I are off to a good start.