Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hormone House

With the Coming of Autumn, brings the onset of hormones for the tiels, so it seems. Also, it seems Taxi is coming of age. Not my sweet lil Baby Taxi! Ahh, but yes! 9 months old as of this month, it seems its a magical age to find love. Love of your pellet dish, and love of your Mommy. But not the kind of love it "used to be". Sweet and innocent. "Oh Mommy, please come Scritch me" love. Nooo... its "Mommy! Loot at my vent! Scritch me so I can do the hen dance on your hand! Ooh! Lets have mutant babies together!" kind of love. Ugh!

Look at this sweet little face!
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Its the face of a little monster now. ::Sigh:: One I must shun.

Fortunately, Strict "day-light reducing" therepy along with "ring around the cages" and food reducing therepy seems to be helping with all of them.

You see, Trinny was back at it, laying low on her perch and chirping. Neo was humping perches and Silver and Patchie were humping each other. Taxi was flashing her vent at me whenever she got an opportunity and I even caught Teika with her vent in the air a few times. Oiy Vay! It was getting rediculous! So, I set out on a NO HORMONE regime and it seems to be working. The birds were clueless each night as to who they'd be shacking up with. Only the food they could put away in a day would be given and nothing more. Lights out strictly at 8:30 pm. No if's ands or vents, lots of baths and NO SCRITCHES. :::Sigh.. that was hard:::. Things have calmed down considerably. PHEW!!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one going through it. All over my posting board, everyone is talking about how horny their birds are so it must be "that time of year." I've taken the opportunity to chage the cages around too and redecorate. I've been super cleaning things, removing perches and soaking stuff in anti-bacterial solutions (bird-safe of course), uber cleaning toys, etc. I always maintain the cage papers and stuff and clean off perches, cage bars and whatnot, but sometimes unhooking all those toys and stuff is a pain when they're not pooped on or anything, but every once in a while, you've got to give the entire cage and its contents the big once over. So.. I've put ALL the birds in one side, removed EVERY SINGLE item, scoured everything from top to bottom and then replaced everything brand new, including brand new natural branch perches. Tomorrow the other side gets it. All part of my anti-hormonal campaign. Rearranging toys and putting new things in the cage gives them other things to concentrate on besides their horny lil bodies. Hehe!