Monday, November 14, 2005

Another Candidate for the Loser's Club

Buzz is fitting in quite well. He's still shy of new things, but once he warms up to them, its with gusto. For instance, his new preen toy. I put it in his cage and he ignored it for a few days, but after I hung a sprig of millet on it, he began to preen it with love. Food seems to be the way to this dude's heart. In fact, he puts his "hearts" on for me and sings whenever I refill his food cup. LOSER!

He is quite an accomplished whistler when he wants to be as well. He knows parts of the Andy Griffith theme song, plus his own pretty little "tiel" song as well. He immitates the pencil sharpener and barks like a dog too. MEGA cute. He's got the "kissy cluck" down pat. He kisses to me whenever I open his door to give him new food. He also "says" Buzz, Buzz-bird and Good Boy. HEHE!

Speaking of new food, Buzz LOVES his pellets. Chalk another mark on Zupreem's list of convertees. I've seen him eat one after the other, (pigging out on them is more like it) so I've started decreasing the amount of seed he gets and increasing the amount of pellet at feeding time. Yesterday, he even parrot-footed his pellet. LOSER!

The other day, Buzz ventured out of the cage on his own for the first time. He's MUCH like Neo in that he does NOT like hands coming to get him inside the cage. He won't step up when I put my hand in the cage, but rather, panics and flaps all over the place. I REFUSE to chase him and destroy the fragile trust we're establishing, so I've been coaxing him to come out of his cage. Finally, he took the plunge! I had my camera ready too. Once out, Buzz allowed me to handle him. After a few attempts to fly from my hand (where I would then rescue him), he calmed right down and sat with me, chirped with me and kissy clucked at me. Now if I can only convince him that I can scritch his head as well as his water bottle can!

Buzz ventures out for the first time and checks to see if the coast is clear. "Hmm.. any of those darn photographers around?"
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Buzz catches me being the paparazzi but it doesn't seem to bother him much. "Well, if you're going to snap my picture, at least get my good side."
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Here, he even poses. "I'd like to thank the Academy, my loyal fans... "
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