Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gods Of War

Silver and Neo had to be seperated again. Reunited for just a brief time, Patchie's presence proved too much for the brothers to bear. Neo began challenging Silver for Patchie's "wing" in matrimony and Silver had something to say about it. A fight broke out, and though larger in stature, Silver lost out to "little guy" Neo.
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With a bloodied nare and a knock to the ego, at least Silver didn't lose his girl.

It was Mom to the rescue. I chastised Neo and put him in the cage with the hens, where he'll live out the rest of his days in bachelorhood, unless he "gets over it" once and for all and figures out that there's three other gals to chose from, but Patchie is off limits.

Silver needed a little more attention than that however. Some direct pressure to the nare didn't stop the bleeding right away, but at least there was no structural damage. Neo's beak must have made a direct hit, (poor Silver). He had a slow, but steady streem of blood coming from his nare for a while that I monitored carefully. Finally it clotted up and he looked like something from a horror movie. He wasn't having any trouble breathing or getting around, and was in good spirits so I held off on rushing him to the vet. It seems that was the right call because the next day, the clot fell off and now, there's only a bit of swelling at the edge of the nare. The hole itself is open and there's no more bleeding at all. He's been eating well and hasn't seemed to be troubled by the incident in the least. I'll continue to watch him in case an infection sets in from the wound, but as long as everything heals well, it will be unlikely.

Poor SILVER! Bad Neo! My bad for trusting the two of them together! Now I know better. Man.. that Patchie! What a man-killer she is. Wonder what it is about that lil lemon-yellow mohawk of hers that drives the boys so crazy?


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