Monday, January 02, 2006

Back In The Saddle

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Patchie and Silver are giving it another go! It was completely "unplanned" parenthood. One morning, I uncovered the cage to find an egg, smashed between the bars of the bottom grate beneath Patchie's high bedtime triangle perch that she shares with Silver. Though she shares the cage with Silver and two other hens, I knew it was Apache's egg. The other two hens were clear on the other side of the cage and the egg was leaking its contents directly beneath her. Poor "Humpty".. the baby tiel who will never be.

After some deliberation as to whether or not I would let them go through with it or not, I finally decided to let them have one more crack at it. Patchie would have to endure her cycle of laying anyway. May as well see if it would be fruitful or not. She get sooo depressed when she's seperated from Silver, and actually, I worried about seperating her AND allowing her to continue laying. I would have to do with her what I did with Taxi. Cull her out from the flock, keep her in a seperate cage but in the same room with the flock during the day and put her to bed in Kirsten's room in total darkness (with her eggs) much earlier than the other birds.

Allowing them to nest (so far) has proved to be the right decision. Not only were THEY thrilled (heheh).. Silver actually stepped up and sang to me AND his nest box when he saw it, but the day after I set things up for them, the furnace went out. The front room is cozy thanks to our electric radiator, but the Kirsten's room and the back of the house was FRIGID! Patchie would have froze back there before I figured it out!

Now we've got a fixed furnace, two eggs in the nest box and another one due any minute now. I have NO idea how many eggs will be in this clutch or how successful they will be as parents this time around. I'm trying very hard not to sail into this with high expectations so I don't suffer the heartbreak of last time, but its hard not to get a wee bit excited. Just as last time, I shall maintain that the safety of Patchie and Silver is first and foremost. I will guard them as their Shepard and make sure they come to no harm in this venture to the very best of my ability. So this marks the beginning of our second journey into parenthood and hopefully, this time it will have a happier, healthier ending.


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