Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bad JuJu

Well, So far, So good. Little Bo seems to immune to the bad Juju that his or her brothers and sisters from the previous clutch succummed to. I called it the four day curse because each (with the exception of Ramen who died at 2 days old) each died on their fourth day of life. This IS Bo's fourth day and he's still here. At 6 am tomorrow morning, Bo will officially be 5 days old. This evening, Bo passed a poo poo in Kirsten's hand when we weighed him and that's something none of the other babies ever did. The poo looked nice and normal and he was active and wriggling, holding his head up. I was tempted to pull him today but when I saw that he was doing well, I thought another day might be okay.

In other news, Eggamemnon the egg hatched into a chick today! So.. now Bo has a clutch-mate! At birth, lil Eggamemnon (to be named) weighed four grams. This evening, the baby weighed five grams. Hooray! He or she is being fed and there was food in its crop when I checked this evening. Ooh, I'm a happy Grandma (cautiously).

More updates, and pictures to come! Stay tuned!


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