Friday, January 20, 2006

Little Bo "Peep"

Little "Bo" peeped and pipped his or her way into the world very early on the morning of January 18, 2006. I'm sooo happy! 4 grams at birth, this lil one has doubled his birth weight in the 48 hours he or she has been alive. I guess that's good? I haven't weighed him this evening, but I'm hoping that tomorrow morning, he'll have surpassed the ten gram mark that the largest of their last clutch was at death last time. The next baby is due to hatch tomorrow morning, at that will be even more work for Patchie and Silver. They've been out grocery shopping quite a bit, and prefer to eat out of dishes near everyone elses cage. Weird but I suppose its the flock mentality. I have a ladder and rope going from their cage to the other cage for easy access. A friend of mine said she had the same situation when her budgies were breeding and was constantly letting her male out to feed... opening and closing the cage door behind him. She said she felt like the doorman at a posh Manhattan hotel. Uh huh! Exactly what its like here right about now. The other birds aren't quite sure what to make of it all. I'm not sure Patch and Silver are feeding enough still. If he doesn't gain substantial weight over the next day or two, I'm pulling him for hand feeding and will do the same for the others. I wish there was a chart that could tell me how much baby birds fed by their parents should weigh at certain day increments so I'd know if he was getting enough to eat. Then I'd know what is what. I saw a picture of someone else's baby's (parent fed) at five days old. They had HUGE crops and weighed 22 grams apiece. I can't imagine mine looking like that, yet I hear Patchie and Silver feeding him frequently, so who knows. I guess another day or two will tell. *Let's hope he outlives his siblings from the first clutch and makes it that long*

So.. I'm holding my breath and trying not to get to close to him, but its VERY hard. How could you NOT get attached to something THIS cute?
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