Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Silent Night

Just a brief update on the nest box situation. Patchie and Silver had another clutch of five eggies. Out of the five, one was cracked and I chucked it. (A sad little incident with a night fright). The other four are fertile so we're expecting another clutch of four babies, just like the last time! Weee! We've named this clutch, just like the last time (can't help it y'know). The egg names are "Boeggreus, Eggamemnon, Eggasus and Adromeggda". You guessed it. Ancient Greek influence. Yah..um.. I watched the movie Troy a few too many times. Can't help it! I wouldn't mind having a clutch with Brad Pitt. Yeowza! Plus, Cameron is studying Greek Mythology in school and thinks it rocks. :-)

So, last night was day 18 for Bo. He didn't hatch, and didn't peep. With the last clutch, Faira peeped on the 19th night and hatched early on day 20. Soooo.. if the same thing occurs with this clutch, hopefully I'll hear peeping tonight and we'll have a chick in the morning! Let's hope so! Eggamemnon was active in his or her shell the last time I candled so on Saturday, he or she should make an appearance, and then Eggasus and finally, Andromeggda will bring up the rear. Bo will be quite a bit older, but I've got hand rearing formula and pipettes ready and since I'm now a stay-at-home Mom, I've got nothing but time on my hands to hopefully see these chicks through if something should go wrong. Hopefully, nothing will!

Will this be another Silent Night? We shall see!


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